47th DGCA issued the Macao Statement in conclusion of the discussions on aviation safety, security, efficienty and sustainability

The 47th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Regions (47th DGCA), hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Macao SAR (AACM), was concluded on 29 October 2010. The theme topic for the Conference was “Through the Turbulence, Working Together for the Recovery and Enhanced Development of Aviation”. In order to hold a productive discussion in face of the unprecedented growth of air transportation in the Asia and Pacific Regions, and aviation safety and sustainability, the States/Administrations held the Multilateral Meeting for Enhanced Cooperation and concluded the five-day discussions with the joint issuance of the Macao Statement in which they agreed to further enhance cooperation in aviation safety, aviation security, efficiency and sustainability. In addition, the Conference has increased the awareness of the overseas delegates on Macao’s aviation and tourism development. AACM also held informal side meetings with some of the States for the enhanced development of the air transport markets with these States. The world economy has started to recover. It is expected that the Asia Pacific Regions will grow at a rate above the world average. In view of the emerging powers of the Asian economy, the Asian aviation will see unprecedented growth. The States/Administrations, having reaffirmed that safety and security must remain the highest priorities of the aviation industry and while efficiency and sustainability will be essential elements in the course of development, agreed to conclude the discussions by jointly issuing the Macao Statement with the main content as follows: in aviation safety, the States/Administrations recognize the importance of establishing a coordination mechanism to enhance the regional safety performance based on the Global Aviation Safety Plan of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); in aviation security, in order to counter threats against civil aviation, the States/Administrations are committed to continue to strictly monitor the implementation of aviation security measures to assure compliance with international standards; in aviation efficiency, the States/Administrations, recognizing the development of modern technologies have resulted in saving flight time and fuel and thus contributing to the global environmental protection by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will facilitate the global construction of a seamless air navigation environment and further render support to ICAO’s environmental activities. Apart from the Macao Statement, with the objective of enhancing the interconnection among States/Administrations, the 46th DGCA which was held last year in Osaka conducted the first “Multilateral Meeting for Enhanced Cooperation (MMEC)” to discuss how cooperation among themselves and communication with ICAO can further be enhanced. The discussions of last year concluded that the DGCA will be the cooperation platform for such desire; that the host State or Administration will be the coordinator on a one-year term to coordinate with the other member States and Administrations, ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Office and the Montreal Group (composed by Asia and Pacific member States) on facilitation of technical and operational matters of mutual concern and interests relating to the Region with the aim of seeking inputs from States for ICAO Council discussions. In the 47th DGCA, the Conference agreed that Macao SAR, being the host administration of this year’s Conference, will act as the coordinator of MMEC in the coming year. In the 47th DGCA, AACM presented 6 papers with themes on air passenger traffic rights, implementation of voluntary incident reporting system, experience of Macao in participating in Universal Security Audit Programme, implementation of enhanced airfield markings in Macau International Airport, technical cooperation arrangement between the aeronautical authorities of mainland China and Macao, modernization of communication/navigation/surveillance, air traffic management and aerodrome facilities in Macao. The presentation of these papers have reinforced the awareness of the States/Administrations on the aviation development in Macao. AACM also took the opportunity of hosting this Conference to hold informal side meetings with Japan and India for further expanding the air transport markets with these countries. India has agreed to hold talks with Macao in the coming year to renew the bilateral Air Services Agreement. A cultural tour was organized as part of the programme of the 47th DGCA. The delegates were impressed with the East-Meet-West cultural characteristics, the hospitability of the Macao residents and the local food. More than 260 attendees from 33 states/administrations and 7 international organizations participated in the 47th DGCA.

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