IPIM Organises Delegation to Participate in Chain and Franchising Exhibition in Taiwan

To encourage Macao enterprises to expand their brand businesses through franchising and chain operations, a Macao delegation of 66 entrepreneurs was organised by IPIM to visit Taipei from 2 to 5 April and participate in the 14th Taipei International Chain and Franchising Spring Exhibition (TICFE 2013) and visit various renowned chain brand operations in Taiwan. Promoting Various Macao Exhibitions during TICFE2013 TICFE2013, being one of the most specialised chain and franchising operation exhibitions in Asia, was held from 4 to7 April in Exhibition Hall 1 Area A and D of the Taipei World Trade Center. This year, over 600 exhibition booths were set up with 150 exhibitors involving nearly 250 chain brands. Participating chain and franchising brands were from different sectors including chain food stores, beverages, coffee and snacks, leisure and lifestyle, private tuition and product agents. The International Exchange Pavilion and the Innovative Service Concept Pavilion were set up for the first time to provide more a diverse choice for participants. The Macao Pavilion was set up by IPIM at the venue to promote Macao Ideas-the Macao Products Display Centre, as well as the Macao Franchise Expo 2013 and the 18th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) to be held in July and October respectively. Two Macao enterprises dealing with accessories and gifts retail and wedding gowns also showcased their products in the Macao Pavilion. Business Matching and Networking Events were organised to Assist Enterprises to Strengthen Liaisons and Explore Business Opportunities To further promote communication between Macao and Taiwan enterprises, a Macao-Taiwan Entrepreneur Business Negotiation Networking Dinner was organised by IPIM and Taipei World Trade Center on 2 April. Representatives from various Taiwan enterprises and delegation members were invited to the dinner to explore collaboration opportunities. Jackson Chang, IPIM's president gave a welcome speech and Echo Chan, IPIM's executive director briefed the 150 guests from Macao and Taiwan on Macao's investment environment and promote 2013 MFE. Yuen-Chuan Chao, President and CEO of Taipei World Trade Center, extended a warm welcome to the Macao delegation, while Vicky Lin, Project Manager of Market Research Department, introduced the latest developments in Taiwan's trade and economy. The dinner was attended by the Macao entrepreneur delegation and around 69 representatives from chain operation associations and Taiwan brand enterprises, including Wang Ying-chieh of the General Chamber of Commerce of Taiwan, Tao Hung-Chieh, Director-General of International Trade Association, Shi Hui-qiong, Vice Chairman of Taipei Advertising Engineering Association, Johnson Fu, Vice-Chairman of Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan and Linda Hsu, Vice-Chairman of Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan. Opening of Macao Ideas-Taipei and Visits Taiwan Brand Enterprises To further strengthen trade and economic liaisons between Macao and Taiwan, and to extend the image of Macao Ideas-the Macao Products Display Centre to Taiwan, an event entitled Introduction of Macao Business Environment, Convention and Exhibition Industry and Opening Ceremony of Macao Ideas-Taipei was jointly-organised by IPIM and the Macao Economic and Culture Office on 3 April. The event was attended by 79 guests from Taiwan and Macao. The Macao delegation also visited a number of renowned brand enterprises in Taipei, including the Shun Chen Bakery and Vigor Kobo (cake and food chain operations), Foot Massage Center (healthcare service) and the Yangming Spring Green Kitchen (innovative vegetarian cuisine). The Macao delegation was headed by Jackson Chang, IPIM's president; other members included Echo Chan, IPIM's executive director, Jaman Wong, Director General of Macau Chain Stores & Franchise Association, Mei Su, Vice-Chairman of Macao International Brand Enterprise Commercial Association, Keyvin Bi, Council Chairman of the Association of Advertising Agents of Macau, Julida, C.P. Fong, President of the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau, Francis Lam, Director General of Macau Small & Medium Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Ho, President of Macau Northeast of China Business Trade Promote Committee, Vong Veng Hin, Standing Committee of Director of Macao Chamber of Commerce, Maria Margarida Lou, Standing Director of Industrial Association of Macau, Chan Wing Lam, President of Associação dos Comerciantes da Boa Cozinha de Macau, Kwok Tong Koi, Permanent President of Macau Northeast of China Business Trade Promote Committee, Leng Sai Vai, Director General of Macau Federal Commercial Association of Convention & Exhibition Industry, Ieong Weng Seng, Vice-President of the Federal General Commercial Association of Macau Small and Medium Enterprises, Sio Chan Tim, Vice Director General of Macau Chain Stores & Franchise Association, Au, Ka Wai, Vice Director General of Macau Shandong Province Industry and Commerce Association, as well as 50 local entrepreneurs.

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