2015MIECF Successfully Concluded Efficient Platform to Generate Business Opportunities

2015 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2015MIECF) was successfully concluded today. The three-day event attracted over 9,600 visitors, with an increase in the number of trade visitors compared to last year. According to the participants, MIECF has successfully played its role as a green platform to promote regional and international development and co-operation. “Green Economy – Solutions for Clean Air” was adopted as the theme for the 2015MIECF. Since its inception in 2008, the quality of activities held under MIECF has constantly improved, and no efforts were spared in facilitating business matching and to promote business co-operation. This year, a number of renowned hotels including various local environmentally friendly hotels were invited to procure greens products and services at the venue and Green Matching sessions were arranged for local government agencies and public utilities organisations. An Eco-friendly Hotel Area was set-up this year, with the participation of a number of large local well-known hotels, including several “Green Hotel” awardees. Green products available for procurement include LED energy-saving products, solar systems equipment, air purifiers, sewage treatment equipment, electric vehicles, green cleaning products and waste recycling equipment. Several government agencies/public utilities organisations/public schools also participated in the procurement negotiations. Besides, many internationally renowned enterprises also sent staff to participate in the Green Matching, looking for co-operation opportunities in green technologies and seeking investment partners. During MIECF, networking sessions were arranged for the environmental industry, to provide an exchange platform for the environmental industry associations, chambers of commerce and trade promotion agencies. In addition, bearing in mind the development occurring in the neighbouring regions in recent years, the Organizer has also organised a Green Building Industry Networking Session for professionals in the construction industry and related fields to meet and exchange views and information about the latest technologies, as a mean to promote business opportunities and to enable MIECF to serve as a platform for the construction industry, particularly in the field of environmental protection. During the three-day event, agreements of 28 co-operation projects were signed. A total of 296 green matching sessions were held at the business matching area. Additionally, 8 networking sessions for the environmental industry were arranged. Hosted Buyers recommended by the Event Project Manager participated in 1,149 business negotiation sessions. For the first time, “Air Quality” was adopted as the focus of the six sessions and seminars held under the Green Forum. More than fifty environmental experts, leaders of multi-national environmental enterprises and regional policy-makers from nine countries and regions spoke on hot issues related to air quality , namely “The Business Case for Better Air Quality: Solutions for the Commercial and Industrial Sectors”, “Reviewing Air Quality and the Transportation Industry”, “Strategizing Climate Change – Innovation in Policy and Technology”, “Clean Urban Air – Lessons Learnt and Future Trajectories” and “Standardization Drives the Sustainable Development of Chemical Industry”. Experts sharing air pollution control technology and their experiences were one of the highlights of this year´s Green Forum. The keynote speaker at the Opening Ceremony was Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former Prime Minister of Norway, former Chair of the World Commission on Environment and Development (the “Brundtland Commission”), Special UN Envoy on Climate Change and Former Director-General of World Health Organization (WHO), and generally recognized as the “Mother” of Sustainable Development. “A Special Interview Session with Dr. Brundtland” has been arranged, with a question and answer session to allow participants to interact with one of the world´s top environmental experts and learn more about her views on environmental and air pollution policies. Over 3,600 people participated in the Green Forum this year. This year´s Green Showcase covered an area of approximately 16,900 square metres. Over 450 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions showcased their products and services, ranging from energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, green transportation, to waste and water management solutions, environment services, air quality, as well as other green products and services. At the VIP Exhibitors Zone, 16 local and overseas enterprises showcase their products and services, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy-saving products, green building services, power management and electric vehicles. In addition, buyers delegations from the Pan-Pearl River Delta and Southeast Asia were invited to participate in business matching. MIECF continued to organiser the Hosted Buyer Programme, Green Hotel Procurement Zone, networking meetings for the environmental industry, which enable exhibitors and buyers to explore business and co-operation opportunities. Ms Chan, who trades in cleaning supplies, said that through MIECF she has discovered that Macao offers great potential and hopes that her company´s research and business activities would be based in Macao in the future, and taking this city as the company´s headquarters in research and marketing products suitable for Macao as well as the Pan-Pearl River Delta. On the other hand, Mr Kang, who is in charge of another company, which serves as a platform for the marketing of products from many countries, said that his company operates as a platform for marketing international branded products in Portugal, the Asia-Pacific region and Australia, and that the main objective of participating in MIECF is to promote his company´s products. Mr Chan also said that he plans to set up selling points in Macao in August this year, to further expand the market. To actively promote the concept of a green exhibition, recyclable building materials were used for the design and setting-up of the venue, dispensing the use of carpets. Additionally, over 3,000 potted plants were used to decorate the venue and were distributed to the public in the afternoon of the last day of the event, which was designated as “Green Public Day”. This year’s MIECF is in line with the government policy in waste management by reducing waste at the source and recycling, and further decreasing the amount of waste generated by the event. The last day of the event, the “Green Public Day” was held under the slogan “Waste Reduction at Source Starts with Me” and attracted over 2,400 visitors. A series of family activities were organised focusing on environmental protection and energy conservation, including environmental workshops, game booths, stage performances and magic shows, turning MIECF into a creative environmental education material, to promote and raise environmental awareness. Over 500 teachers and students from 12 schools participated in the Green Public Day today, and for the first time, civil servants are organised by the department responsible for welfare services under the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau to visit MIECF. Concurrent events held under MIECF include the Carbon Forum Asia Seminar, organised by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) for the first time in Macao, as well as the 1st International Conference on Promotion and Education of Green Enterprise and Green Management organized by the Green Environment Protection Association of Macau, are the networking platforms for international professionals. The next MIECF will be held from 31 March to 2 April 2016.

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