Green Public Day Well Received by Local Residents

Environmental protection and emissions reduction was the theme for the games and other activities held in connection with Green Public Day.

Green Public Day, one of the activities under 2015 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2015MIECF) took place today and attracted a large number of visitors. The theme adopted for this year´s Green Public Day was “Waste Reduction at Source Starts with Me”. By means of family activities, environmental-themed performances and magic shows, visitors got an opportunity to understand the importance of reducing waste at source and raise environmental awareness. 2015MIECF aims to promote the concept of “Thinking Green, Going Clean, Living Cool”. The number of visitors this year exceeded 2,400. A series of family activities related to environmental protection, including workshops, games booths, stage performance and magic shows, were held. In addition, an exhibition of the paintings of the winners of the “I´ve Got Solutions for Reducing Plastic Use” creative painting competition was on show, to encourage the practise of reducing the use of plastic materials. Green Living Station continued to display and sell all types of environmentally friendly products, to promote green consumption. To encourage everyone to jointly participate in the development of a green city, potted plants were distributed to the public at the end of the event, hoping that they would give continuity to the green concept and enjoy a pleasant weekend. Lucky Draws were held and the winners received a special edition electronic stored-value cards (with a value of MOP50.00), designed by the Environmental Protection Bureau with slogans to encourage green consumption and green transportation. At the exhibition venue, a booth was installed for the public to apply as member of “Eco Fun – Waste Separation, it´s a Lot of Fun”. New members immediately got 50 points and existing members who have participated in the Green Public Day activities today also received a bonus of 50 points. Green Public Day is an ideal platform to promote the concept of environmental protection to Macao´s students, to enhance their environmental awareness, promote the concept of MIECF and encourage them to be more aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Apart from the environmental-themed songs performed by the Choir of Luso-Chinese Vocational-Technical School, guided tours were also organized for the schools that visited the venue, to disseminate environmentally-friendly messages and behaviours, and putting the concept of “Waste Reduction at Source Starts with Me” into practice. Over 500 students from 12 schools participated in the Green Public Day today, including Macao Polytechnic Institute, Lingnan Middle School, Colégio Santa Rosa de Lima (English Secondary Section), Escola Xin Hua (Secondary Section), Escola Choi Non Chi tai (Secondary Section), Escola Choi Non Chi Tai (Primary Section), Hou Kong Middle School Hou Kong Middle School (Primary Section), Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School, Sheng Kung Hui Choi Kou School (Secondary Section), Escola Nossa Senhora de Fátima (Primary Section) and Luso-Chinese Vocational-Technical School. For the first time, civil servants are organised by the department responsible for welfare services under the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau to visit the MIECF venue. According to the participants, the Green Public Day helped to enhance their awareness of green living and understand the importance of environmental protection. The Organiser hopes that this activity will help to promote environmental protection, encourage the public to put the concepts into practice and build a green low-carbon city.

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