Two more persons involved in MP’s former leadership corruption case remanded in custody

The CCAC has recently detected a case involving former leadership staff of the Public Prosecutions Office (MP), where a former leader has been remanded in custody in accordance with the order of the judge of the Court of Final Appeal. Yesterday, two more persons involved were subject to the same coercive measure adopted by the relevant judicial body. Based on a criminal investigation, the CCAC last year referred four suspects involved to the relevant judicial body, including the former Chief of the Office of the Prosecutor General, a former assessor of the Office and two from the local business circle. Following the suggestion of MP, the Court of Criminal Instruction of the Court of First Instance already ordered coercive measures to be adopted against the four suspects, including prohibition of contact and restriction from departure. However, in a recent investigation the CCAC found that the two local businesspeople already declared as suspects violated the court’s order. Their acts included collusion with each other to give unanimous testimonies and disruption of evidence collection and of the normal running of proceedings. Therefore, based on the suggestion of MP, the judge of the Court of Criminal Instruction approved on 29th February that the duo would be remanded in custody immediately. Since the investigation of the case is still underway, the CCAC will make further announcements if there is any update on the case.

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