Promoting undergraduate students’ love of the country and Macao National Class One performer Dong Yuanyuan and Zhang Jianguo sang Peking opera at the MPI

In order to propagate national culture, inherit the essence of national quintessence, and promote the undergraduates' national education, Macao Polytechnic Institute invited the Peking opera master Mr. Mei Baojiu’s disciple and National Class One performer Mrs. Dong Yuan Yuan, and National Class One performer and famous Peking opera performer Mr. Zhang Jianguo to sing Peking opera at the graduation ceremony of 2017/2018. The performance has shown the essence of Peking opera of Chinese culture, popularised the artistic knowledge of Peking opera and enhanced the feelings of loving the country and Macao to the social elite, representatives of universities from all over the world, graduates and Macao residents, in total around 4,000 people. The performance was highly praised.

At the graduation ceremony, Zhang Jianguo, the famous performer in genre of Xi, sang the traditional opera of the Peking opera, the “Empty City Stratagem”, while Dong Yuanyuan, the outstanding performer in genre of Mei, sang the Mei opera the “Ode to Pear Blossom” with a beautiful voice, and took the opportunity to pay a tribute to her teacher, Mr. Mei Baojiu. The two national performers brought the audience into spirit of the beautiful Peking opera singing. After that, Zhang Jianguo and Dong Yuanyuan cooperated to sing the traditional classic opera, the “Fourth Son Visits His Mother”, and pushed the graduation ceremony performance to a climax. The performances of two national performers not only introduced the guests, graduates and the audience members to enjoy the unique charm of the national quintessence, but also let them feel the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The perfomers received warm applause from the whole audience.

New graduate student Mr. Liang said that he was less acquainted with Peking Opera in the past. He was very honoured to see the wonderful and professional Peking Opera performances of two national performers on the important days of his life. He has gained a lot of profound Chinese culture while enjoying the beauty of Peking Opera art.

The organiser, Macao Polytechnic Institute indicated that the MPI has always attached importance to the patriotic education of undergraduate students and focused on cultivating students' love of the country and Macao. Through inviting national performers to sing Peking opera at the graduation ceremony, in addition to being a blessing and gratitude for the corresponding graduates and guests, it is also hoped that undergraduate students can inherit the national culture, strengthen the patriotic education, and cultivate positive values in the society by showing the Chinese quintessence, so as to make the positive impact on society.

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