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Macao SAR Passport/ Macao SAR Travel Permit

Application procedures for Macao SAR Travel Permit (Overseas Postal Application)

How to Apply

Application Procedures and Documents Required

Applicants can lodge the application by post if they are in other countries or regions. (Mainland China and Hong Kong are not included)

Under the novel coronavirus pandemic, applicants in the mainland of China or Hong Kong who have a special and urgent need to apply for travel document can make a written request to the Identification Services Bureau (DSI) for application and also provide the proof of such special and urgent situation. DSI will consider the actual situation when making the decision.

(Attention: DSI will issue the travel document only after verifying the identity of the applicant)


Application procedures:

  1.  Access the “Postal Application Service” system of DSI to obtain an application number and print out an application slip;
  2. Mail “Part 2” of the application slip and the “Required documents” mentioned below to DSI. (Mailing address: Macau Postal Box No. 1089/ Avenida da Praia No. 804, Edificio China Plaza, 20 andar, Macau);
  3.  After receiving the required documents, DSI will update the application progress in the “Postal Application Service” system. Applicants should check their application status in the system from time to time.
  4.  When the application status changes to “Please pay for the application”, applicants can pay the fee to complete their application.


Required documents:

  1. A duly completed application form. Applicants can download the application form from the “Postal Application Service” system of DSI or request DSI to send the application form by post or obtain the application form by a representative in Macao (Please see Application form filled sample);
  2.  Photocopy of Macao SAR non-Permanent Resident Identity Card;
  3. One photograph taken from photography studio within the last 6 months and meets the specific requirements: color, bareheaded and full-faced photograph in plain white background, with the size of 1.5 inches (Photograph Specifications);
  4. Supporting documents which prove that the applicant cannot lodge the application in person;
    • Proof of schooling issued in the last 3 months (e.g. student card, transcript or proof of graduation.); or
    • proof of employment issued in the last 3 months (e.g. proof of working, proof of income); or
    • a medical proof issued in the last 3 months (including admission to hospital, pregnancy, etc);
  5. A clear set of the applicant’s ten fingerprint impression (see Fingerprint Form);
  6.  In case of renewal application, applicants have to submit the former Macao SAR Travel Permit if it is still valid (Renewal application of the travel documents can be lodged within nine months prior to the expiration date);
  7.  Loss report is required if the applicant cannot provide the former Macao SAR Travel Permit;
  8. If applicants are under the age of 18, both parents, the person executing parenting right or guardianship by law have to submit their photocopy of identification documents and sign on the signature field;
  9. An duly completed authorization form is required if the applicant needs to authorize another person to lodge the application or collect the travel document on his/her behalf.

Fees and Payment Methods

Fees: Application fee + Postage + Surcharge (if applicable)

1. Application fee

Normal application: MOP360;
Urgent application: an additional fee of MOP150.

2. Postage:

Normal (air registered mail with advice of delivery): According to the postage charged by the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (the amount is subject to the destination and weight of the documents).
Express: According to the postage rate of the express courier company (the preliminary estimated amount is based on the destination and the weight of the parcel. The express courier may charge the applicant the difference in postage according to the actual delivery situation).
※ Attention: To avoid loss in delivery, DSI only sends the travel document by express delivery or air registered mail with advice of delivery. Travel documents will not be sent by surface mail.

3. Surcharge (if applicable)

If the applicant cannot present the original travel document or the replacement is made for the reason of damage, the extra processing fees to be charged are as below:

– First time: an additional fee of MOP 150.00;
– Second time: an additional fee of MOP 300.00;
– Third time: an additional fee of MOP 600.00;
– Fourth time: an additional fee of MOP 1,200.00;
– Fifth time or above: an additional fee of MOP 2,400.00.

For persons who were first issued with the travel document (2019 version), the extra fee for replacement of travel document due to loss or damage will be counted for the first time all over again.

Means of payment:

1. Online payment:

Pay by credit card in the “Postal Application Service” system.

2. By an authorized person in Macao:

The applicant can submit an authorization letter to authorize a person in Macao to pay the fee in cash at DSI in person.


  • Payment for overseas postal application can only be made by the above-mentioned methods.
  • In case of having made a payment to the Macao Special Administrative Region Government mistakenly due to system failure or other special conditions, the person concerned should contact the Identification Services Bureau (DSI) immediately.  DSI will return the relevant amount to the person concerned.
  • If the applicant wants to cancel the application and have the refund of the application fee after completing the transaction online, he/she has to make a written request to DSI for the refund.

Processing Time

  • Normal application: 10 working days. (Performance Pledge)
  • Urgent application: 2 working days. (Performance Pledge)

(The collection date is counted from the following day after DSI received all necessary documents.)


  1. Under special circumstances, the expected collection date would be adjusted.
  2. In case of damaged, stolen or lost travel permit, the re-issuance time of the new electronic travel permit is 60 days at maximum. Urgent application is not accepted under normal circumstances except written request and supporting documents are submitted. The approval result will be informed within 2 working days.

Remarks/ Notes for Application

  1. The list of countries and territories which have granted travel facilitation to holders of the Macao SAR Passport and Travel Permit, please visit the official website of the Identification Services Bureau.
  2. Regarding the knowledge of Macao residents on their fundamental rights and duties under the protection of the Basic Law; information about consular protection and consular services and tips on the preparation before going abroad, safely reminders and emergency contact information for travelling overseas, please visit the dedicated website of Fundamental Rights and Duties of Macao Residents, Information about Consular Protection and Consular Services.

Service Location and Office Hours

Identification Services Bureau

  • Headquarter
    Address: Avenida da Praia Grande, nº804, Edificio “China Plaza”, 1º andar, Macau
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)
  • Macao Government Services Centre
    Address: Rua Nova da Areia Preta n.º 52, Macau
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)
  • Macao Government Services Centre in Islands
    Address: Rua de Coimbra, n.º 225, 3.º andar, Taipa
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)

Progress Enquiry and Service Results Collection :

Progress enquiry: Postal Application Service – Application Status Enquiry

Collection Methods of service results:

  1. The Macao SAR travel documents will be posted by the Identification Services Bureau.
  2.  In person
  3.  By authorized person
  • The applicant can endorse the application receipt and sign according to the valid identification document in order to authorize a representative to collect the document on behalf of the applicant (if applicant is under the age of 18, his/her legal representative is the one to endorse the application receipt).
  •  The authorized representative should present his/her original valid identification document and the photocopy of applicant’s identification document for verification.


  1. For details of document collection procedure, please visit electronic document collection process.
  2. In case of renewal application, applicants have to submit the former Macao SAR Travel Permit if it is still valid.

Content provider: Identification Services Bureau (DSI)

Last modified: 2022-03-30 11:18

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