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Nationality Application

Application for Naturalization

How to Apply

Application Procedures and Documents Required

Application at counter (applicants are required to obtain a number tag in advance. For the methods to obtain the tag number, please refer to “Methods to Obtain Tag Number and Appointment” of the website of the Identification Services Bureau.)


Foreign nationals or stateless persons who are permanent residents of the Macao SAR may apply.

2.Procedure of Application

  • Duly completed the application form for naturalization of Chinese Nationality. (Applicants can obtain the application form at the Identification Services Bureau by showing the original copy of his/her Macao SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card.
  • If the applicant is residing in the Macao SAR, he/she can make the application in person; if the applicant is living abroad, the application can be made by post;
  • The application may also include the applicant’s spouse and minor children. The application of a minor must have the signatures of both parents.

3.Submission and presentation of documents

The applicant must submit the following documents:

A. Original copy of Macao SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card (will be returned to the applicant once it is verified and photocopied)

B. Birth certificate;

C. Certificate that can prove the marital status of the applicant(except in case of a bachelor or a spinster)

D. Proof that the applicant has a near relative that is a Chinese national (for example, proof of family relationship, photocopy of that near relative’s identity card);

E. Proof of nationality (except stateless persons);

F. Certificate of criminal record (For instance, a valid “Certificate of Criminal Record” issued by the Macao SAR Government. In addition, if the applicant had lived in other countries or territories for 6 months or longer before settling in Macao, and he/she attained the age of 16 when living in such countries or territories, he/she should provide a certificate of criminal record within 90 days from its issuance date issued by the corresponding government.);

G. Proof of ordinary residence of the applicant, i.e. proof of property purchase (e.g. property tax, property deeds or Property Registration Report issued by the Real Estate Registry or proof of mortgage and monthly mortgage payment slip etc.) or proof of tenancy (the latest tenancy agreement). If the applicant is 18 years old or above and he/she is neither the landlord nor the tenant, the person who provides accommodation to the applicant is required to submit a declaration and a copy of identification documents.

H. Proof of income of the applicant, his/her spouse or parents (if the applicant is a minor). For instance, proof of employment or other financial sources.

I. Proof of education (applicable to minor only).

Once the application is approved and otherwise the applicant is a stateless person, the applicant must within 6 months from the date of notification of his/her approval, submit a document which proves that he/she has renounced his/her foreign nationality. Otherwise, the approval will lose its effectiveness.

Remarks/ Notes for Application

  • Documents mentioned in numbers b) and c) can be exempted if their photocopies have already been archived at the Identification Services Bureau (DSI);
  • Documents mentioned in number d) is only required in case the applicant claims that he/she is a near relative of Chinese nationals.
  • If the application is approved, except for stateless persons, applicants are required to submit the proof of renunciation of their foreign nationality within 6 months from the day of receiving the notification of approval. Otherwise, the approval granted will become invalid.

Service Location and Office Hours

Identification Services Bureau

  • Headquarter
    Address: Avenida da Praia Grande, nº804, Edificio “China Plaza”, 1º andar, Macau
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)
  • Macao Government Services Centre
    Address: Rua Nova da Areia Preta n.º 52, Macau
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)
  • Macao Government Services Centre in Islands
    Address: Rua de Coimbra, n.º 225, 3.º andar, Taipa
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)

Fees and Payment Methods

For application lodge at the Identification Services Bureau in person or by trustee:


  • There is a fee of MOP1,000.00. If the application includes spouse and children, then each family member must pay MOP500.00 (Note: fees are non-refundable, even if the application is turned down. )
  • Certificate of nationality: MOP150.00

Payment Method:

Headquarter (China Plaza), Macao Government Services Centre and Macao Government Services Centre in Islands: Cash, credit card, Union Pay “QuickPass”, debit card, Macau Pass and MPay are accepted for payment.

For application by Post:

Applicants being in other countries or regions can obtain application forms from DSI by post. After having duly completed and signed the form, the applicant must send it back to DSI together with the required documents and fees to Macau P. O. Box 1089.

The applicant should submit a bank draft payable to “Direcção dos Serviços de Identificação” or “Direccao dos Servicos de Identificacao”. (Other forms of payment, such as Money order, cashier’s order will NOT be accepted.)

Fees (a+b+c= total fee)

a. Application Fees and fee for the issuance of the Certificate of Nationality:

  • There is a fee of MOP1,000.00. If the application includes spouse and children, then each family member must pay MOP500.00 (Note: fees are non-refundable, even if the application is turned down. )
  • Certificate of Nationality: MOP150.00

b. Bank Charges:

Since the bank in the applicant’s country may have association with the Hong Kong banks or the Macao banks and therefore the bank drafts are divided into two categories:

  • Bank drafts in U.S. Dollars: Since it is cashed in America, Macao banks will impose a bank commission of MOP200.00
  • Bank drafts in Hong Kong Dollars: divided into two categories:

-Payable in Macao(Draft / cheque draw on Macao): no additional charge for this kind of bank draft

-Payable in Hong Kong(Draft / cheque draw on Hong Kong): Macao banks will impose a bank commission of MOP40.00

c. Postage:

MOP40.00 is needed for registered air-mail.

If the applicant needs the Certificate of Nationality urgently, an additional charge for EMS (express mail service) is to be charged. For further details, please contact the Macao Post Office at (853) 28574491.

If there is no EMS (Express Mail Service) in the place of residence of the applicant, the applicant may consult local express courier service companies such as DHL, Federal Express, etc. about the price of courier service and add it to the above-mentioned fees.

Progress Enquiry and Service Results Collection

Progress enquiry:

DSI-Enquiry on the application progress

Collection Methods of service results:

Document Collection Counter Service

Target users: 

Applicants who lodged the application for identity document or certificate at service counters or self-service kiosks

Document Collection Procedures:

  • Scan or input your receipt barcode. (If the receipt barcode cannot be detected, please ask our staff for assistance.)
  • Be aware of your name and the corresponding counter number shown on the screen.
  • Collect your document or certificate at the designated counter.

Collect in person:

Verification of applicant’s identity is required at the time of document collection.  For identity card renewal or the former travel document has not expired, the former identity document must be brought along for cancellation.

Collect by an authorized person:

To authorize a representative to collect the document, the applicant has to fill out the authorization form on the receipt and sign the receipt according to the Macao SAR Resident Identity Card signature.  Details of the procedure can be found at DSI’s Questions and Answers.

Content provider: Identification Services Bureau (DSI)

Last modified: 2023-12-15 14:32

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