Registration of Industrial Designs and Models

Payment of Annual Fee

How to Apply

Deadline for Formalities

The duration of industrial design and model is 25 years counting from the application date. The fee for application of registration has included the annual fees of first 5 years, and the coming annual fees (including the registered industrial design and model and the application of industrial design and model) should be paid, within 6 months of the due date of annual fee in the previous year.

Formalities and Documents Required for Application

  1. Online application (Applicable to applications processed on behalf of an individual or an agent (natural person)):
    1. First-time user:
    2. Authenticated user
  2. Apply in person:
    1. The applicant should complete the form “Application Form of Request for Other Actions” (Format ECO-052) in Chinese or Portuguese (the form can be obtained at the service location or download from DSE website)
      • Application may be made on behalf of an individual or a body corporate. However, if the applicant (individual or body corporate) is not a Macao SAR resident or establishment, the form should be signed by an appointed agent;
      • After signing the form, recognized signature can be made at the service location by showing the original identity document with signature.
    2. Submit the renewal request to the Industrial Property Application Counter of Reception Center of the Macao Economic Bureau (2nd Floor).
    3. The relevant fees together with the payment slip should be submitted and paid at the Treasury of the Reception Center of the Macao Economic Bureau (2nd Floor). The fees should be paid by cash, cheque or bank draft (payable to “Direcção dos Serviços de Economia”). The payment of fees up to MOP 1,000.00 (one thousand patacas) can also be made with UnionPay QuickPass card, Macau Pass card, or the digital wallet of Macau Pass (MPay).

Necessary documents

  1. The completed“Application Form of Request for Other Actions”:

Service Location and Hours

Apply through Internet

Please visit the “Administrative Services – e-Services – Online Application” page of the DSE website.

Apply in Person

Macao Economic Bureau (DSE) – Reception Center

Address: Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo, n.os 1-3,2/F, Macau

Office Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9:00 – 13:00; 14:30 – 17:45
Friday: 9:00 – 13:00; 14:30 – 17:30


Annual fee of 6th to 25th annuities: MOP 500.00

Surcharge : MOP 250.00
(For annual fee paid within the six-month period after the end of annuity, a surcharge will be applied to the annual fee.)

For more details, please visit the “Intellectual Property – Fees” page of the DSE website.

Processing Time

No approval is required.

Notes / Information for Applicants

Reference documents and templates (available in Chinese or Portuguese only):

  1. Request for Other Actions – Description of Common Request Codes.
  2. For other documents, please visit the “Intellectual Property – Notes on Application” page of the DSE website.

Related Regulations or Requirements

Regarding the information of the terms or requirements of use of the industrial property online application services, please visit the “Intellectual Property – Online Services” page of the DSE website, available in Chinese or Portuguese only.

Enquiry on Progress and Collection of Results

Enquiry on application progress: The status of annuity payment can be consulted on the “Annual Fees Enquiry of Patent and Industrial Design/Model” page of the DSE website.

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