Enterprise Financing Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme


How to Apply

Application Procedures and Required Documents

Application Methods

Applicants may submit the application documents in person, by a representative, or through a bank operating in Macao to the service locations. Applicants may also submit the application documents by post, or make an Appointment for “Services on the Doorstep” through the DSE website to arrange a visit by our enterprise liaison staff to collect the application.

Note: The DSE will not be held responsible for any misdelivery or non-delivery of application submitted by post.

Filing Procedures and Required Documents

Applicant enterprises are required to submit:

  1. Duly completed Application Form for the Enterprise Financing Loan Interest Subsidy (download from the DSE website, or fill in the form when performing online pre-application at the website)
    Note: Choosing online pre-application can reduce the waiting time for submission of application.
  2. Copy of loan agreement (must state explicitly a minimum repayment period of not less than 1 year, the repayment frequencies of principal and interest and repayment term of the loan, purpose of the loan and the date from which the loan can be mobilised)
  3. Copy of identity card of the individual business owners, or of the shareholders of the limited company
  4. Copy of Profits Tax Incomes Declaration (M1)
  5. Copy of receipt for FSS obligatory system contribution, if any. In case the applicant enterprise does not hire any employees, a declaration of no employees is required.
  6. Copy of license required for carrying out the business activity (if applicable)
  7. Specific documents: supporting documents required according to the investment project
    1. Documents in relation to purchase of facilities located at industrial or commercial buildings
      1. Copy of pre-contract of and public deed of the purchase and sale of the facilities
      2. Property Registration Report (Property search report)
    2. Documents in relation to building, expansion or refurbishment/renovation of facilities
      1. Copy of permit for the building, expansion or refurbishment/renovation of facilities
      2. Copy of quotation of the building, expansion or refurbishment/renovation works of the facilities
      3. Photos of the facilities before the building, expansion or refurbishment
      4. Photos of the facilities after the building, expansion or refurbishment (if the works is completed)
    3. Documents in relation to purchase of equipment
      1. Copy of purchase and sale agreement, invoice and receipt for the purchase of equipment, machine or new goods vehicle.
      2. Documents proving the goods vehicle purchased is new
      3. Photos of the equipment, machine or new goods vehicle (if the purchase is completed)
      4. Copy of registration booklet and ownership registration certificate of the new goods vehicle (if the purchase is completed)
    4. Documents in relation to acquisition of intellectual property
      1. Copy of licensing agreement/Copy of transfer agreement
    5. Documents in relation to entering into commercial concession agreements or franchising agreements
    6. Copy of commercial concession agreement/Copy of franchising agreement
  8. Other supplementary documents
    1. If a document submitted by the applicant enterprise is a copy/photocopy, the DSE may request the applicant enterprise to supply the original that corresponds to the document for verification according to actual circumstances;
    2. During the assessment process, the DSE may request the applicant enterprise to submit information or documents that are deemed important for review according to the specific situations of each case.

Notification for providing supplementary documents

  1. When an enterprise submits its application, the DSE will immediately check whether the application documents have been fully provided. If not, the applicant will be immediately notified to supplement the required documents.
  2. In case any remediable omissions or irregularities are found in the application form or documents received, the DSE will notify the applicant enterprise of the situation within 10 working days upon receipt of all application documents.

Deadline for supplementing documents

An applicant enterprise whose application submitted for interest subsidy is found to be incomplete and have omissions (including the abovementioned remediable occasions), or requires supplementary documents, shall revise or supplement the relevant documents within 3 months upon receipt of notification from the DSE.

Documents to be submitted after approval

Bank guarantee documents

Service Locations and Hours

Apply in person

  1. DSE – Industry and Commerce Support Division
    Address: Rua Dr. Pedro José Lobo, n°s 1-3, Luso International Bank Building, 3/F, Macao
    Office Hours:
    Monday to Thursday, 9:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 17:45
    Friday, 9:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 17:30
  2. CSRAEM, 1st Floor Area J
    Address: Rua Nova da Areia Preta, n° 52, Macao
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 18:00 (no lunch break)
    Address: Rua de Coimbra, n° 225, 3/F , Taipa
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 18:00 (no lunch break)
  4. Service locations in community set up by industrial and commercial organisations as entrusted by the DSE


Free of charge

Time Required for Assessment

Upon confirming that the application documents are submitted in full, the DSE will assign a serial number to the application file, which will be processed in sequence and submitted to the Secretary for Economy and Finance for assessment within 20 days upon receipt of all required documents (including all documents that need to be revised or supplemented). After the assessment of application, the applicant enterprise will be informed of the assessment result by an official letter from the DSE.

Notes/Information for Applicants

Eligible investment projects

Loans of applicant enterprises will be entitled to interest subsidy only for being allocated to the following investment projects:

  1. Purchase of facilities located at industrial or commercial buildings;
  2. Construction of facilities;
  3. Expansion of facilities;
  4. Refurbishment or renovation of facilities;
  5. Purchase of equipment, machinery and new goods vehicles;
  6. Purchase of computer software for the enterprise’s manufacturing process or business activities;
  7. Purchase of energy-efficient materials and equipment, and equipment for the monitoring, measurement and analysis of energy management;
  8. Purchase and installation of heating or cooling system powered by renewable energy;
  9. Acquisition of intellectual property rights;
  10. Entering into commercial concession contracts or franchising contracts.

Eligible loan terms

  1. The loan allocated by the enterprise to the investment projects specified above must be granted by a bank operating in Macao;
  2. The minimum loan amount is MOP300,000.00 (three hundred thousand patacas). However, for investment in the following projects, the loan amount will be lowered to MOP100,000.00 (one hundred thousand patacas);
    1. Introduction of computer support programs for improving the capabilities of product planning and design;
    2. Introduction of equipment for monitoring, measurement, testing and quality assurance to improve the quality management system;
    3. Establishment of electronic data exchange system;
    4. Optimisation of environmental protection;
    5. Improvement of work environment and safety.
  3. Repayment period not less than 1 year.

Deadline for submission of application

Applicant enterprises must submit their applications for interest subsidy within half a year from the actualisation date (e.g. issue date of works permit, date of completing the purchase of equipment) of their eligible investment projects.

Subsidy details

Beneficiary enterprises will be entitled to interest subsidy of 4% every year for a maximum period of 4 years from the start date of the loan repayment. The amount of subsidy is calculated based on the outstanding principal for each period.

Note: Loans with an interest rate lower than 4% will be subsidised according to the actual interest rate.

Maximum loan amount eligible for subsidy

The maximum amount of loan eligible for subsidy every year is MOP10,000,000.00 (ten million patacas) for each beneficiary. For the purpose of this rule, those where there exists a control relationship specified in Article 63(2) of Decree Law No. 32/93/M are considered as the same beneficiary.

Withdrawal of application

An application submitted by an applicant enterprise will be deemed withdrawn and will be cancelled if the application process is in halt for more than 3 months after the submission due to reasons attributable to the applicant enterprise.

Obligations of lending bank and beneficiary

  1. Lending Bank
    1. To periodically provide the Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) with evidence of repayment by the beneficiary that states explicitly the details of principal and interests.
    2. Must notify the AMCM in the following circumstances:
      1. The beneficiary fully or partially repays the loan;
      2. Depositing the amount of subsidy granted by the AMCM into the beneficiary’s account;
      3. The beneficiary has deferred repaying the loan for more than 3 months.
  2. Beneficiary:
    1. To allocate the subsidised loan exclusively to purposes and scopes of business that are eligible for the interest subsidy;
    2. To notify the DSE of any occurrence that is likely to obstruct the accomplishment of the purpose for which the subsidy is granted, or the realisation of the investment;
    3. To provide the DSE with any information about the loan as requested with a view to properly following up the process;
    4. To allocate the properties which are subject to the subsidy to purposes and scopes of business that are eligible for the interest subsidy and shall not, in any form, cede or transfer such properties during the subsidy period;
    5. To complete the investment project, in the case of either a construction, expansion, furnishing or renovation of facilities, in 24 months upon the date of issue of the respective permit;
    6. To complete the investment project within a maximum period of 3 months upon the date of notification of the granting of the interest subsidy, in cases of: purchase of facilities located at industrial or commercial buildings, equipment, machineries, new goods vehicles, computer software, energy-efficient materials or equipment, energy management equipment; purchase or installation of heating or cooling system powered by renewable energies; acquisition of intellectual property rights; conclusion of commercial concession contracts or franchising contracts. Nonetheless, the aforementioned period may be extended to 6 months in justifiable exceptions.

Cancellation and refund of subsidy

The granting of subsidy will be cancelled for beneficiaries being under any of the following circumstances. Under circumstance (1), the beneficiary must refund fully the amount of subsidy received and pay the compensatory interest calculated based on the legal interest rate; under circumstances (2) to (7), the beneficiary may be requested to refund the amount of subsidy received and pay the compensatory interest.

  1. Providing false information or using illegal means to obtain the interest subsidy. Apart from cancellation of the subsidy, refund of the received amount of the subsidy and payment of the compensatory interest, and without prejudice to, if any, civil or criminal liabilities, the beneficiary will be held ineligible for any incentives provided from the fiscal budget of the Macao SAR or the budgets of any autonomous entities for a period 3 years from the date on which the cancellation of subsidy is confirmed;
  2. Deviating from the purpose for which the subsidy is granted and changing the scope of business;
  3. Failure to fulfil the obligations of beneficiary;
  4. Deferring repayment of the loan subject to interest subsidy for more than 3 months;
  5. Termination of business activities;
  6. Suspension of business activities for more than 3 months without prior notification to or approval by the DSE;
  7. Failure to comply with the application requirements set out in Article 4 of Administrative Regulation No. 16/2009, as amended by Administrative Regulation No. 10/2011, including:
    1. Established in accordance with law;
    2. Having a tax status and a FSS contribution status in conformity with the regulations;
    3. Holding a license, or a certificate of the same nature, required by law to operate the business activity. If the business license or relevant certificate was not submitted at the time of application due to the operation of business activity has not yet begun, the beneficiary shall submit the aforementioned document within 3 months from the date of notification of the granting of the interest subsidy, or from the date on which the use permit is issued by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) in the case of construction of facilities.

Enquiry on interest settlement:


Address: Calçada do Gaio, No. 24 – 26, Macao
Tel: (853) 2856 8288

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