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Payment of Fines

Letter of Prosecution for Offence against Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control — Guide to Settle Payment of Fines

Monitoring entities

Health Bureau, Municipal Affairs Bureau, Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau and Public Security Police Force.

Important notes

1. Within 15 days from the day of receiving the letter of prosecution, offenders may make a voluntary payment or submit justification in writing.


Voluntary payment of fines

Applicable to fines prescribed in items 1) to 6) of paragraph 1 of article 23 of Law no. 5/2011. If the fine is settled voluntarily within the stated period, offenders are obliged to pay only half of the fine; while they are required to pay the fine in full after the period. Upon voluntary payment of the fine means the offender has waived the right to submit a written justification.

Submit justification in writing

The offender may lodge a written objection (in person or by post) to the Tobacco Prevention and Control Office within the stipulated period. Upon the whole course of procedures, the decision of punishment will be made by the director of the Health Bureau. The decision of punishment is final and the offender is required to settle the payment of fines in full.

3. In pursuant to stipulation of article 17 of Decree Law no. 52/99/M, for those who do not pay their penalty voluntarily within the prescribed period, a compulsory collection of fine can be imposed on them according to the tax execution procedure by competent authority with proof of the penalty decision ;

4. In accordance with stipulation of article 18 of Decree Law no. 52/99/M, if non-resident offenders do not settle their fines voluntarily, they can be denied re-entry into the territory of Macao;

5. If the letter of prosecution is lost, offenders may pay their fines at the Tobacco Prevention and Control Office after 5 working days from the day receiving the prosecution letter.

6. For queries, please contact the Tobacco Prevention and Control Office.

Address:Avenida da Amizade, N.° 918, “World Trade Center Building”, 15.° andar, Macau

Tel:(853)2855 6789

Facsimile:(853)2871 6385

Methods to settle payment of fines

1. Visit sub-units of the Health Bureau – Treasury Section in Conde de S. Januário General Hospital, Health Centres and Tobacco Prevention and Control Office.


  • Treasury Section   Tel:(853)83908065   Facsimile:(853)83908198   Address:Estrada do Visconde de S. Januário, Macau
  • Tap Seac Health Centre   Tel:(853)28522232   Facsimile:(853)28568872   Address:Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Macau
  • Fai Chi Kei Health Centre   Tel:(853)28562922   Facsimile:(853 )28260630   Address:Avenida Marginal do Patane, n.˚ 929, Macau
  • Ilha Verde Health Centre  Tel:(853)28310033   Facsimile:(853 )28310371  Address:Rua Nova da Ilha Verde, Edifício Cheng I, Bloco 1, r/c, Macau
  • Hoi Pong Health Centre (Porto Interior)  Tel:(853)28920024   Facsimile:(853)28923196   Address:Rua de Constantino Brito, n˚.11, 4.º a 7.º andar, Macau
  • Fong Son Tong Health Centre (S. Lourenço)   Tel:(853)28313418   Facsimile:(853)28975198   Address:Travessa de Inácio Baptista, n.˚ 2, Edf. “San Tou Kok”, Bloco 2, R/C, Macau
  • Hac Sa Wan Health Centre (Areia Preta)   Tel:(853)28413178   Facsimile:(853)28415193   Address:Rua Central da Areia Preta, Lote de Terra 18, Macau
  • Ocean Gardens Health Centre   Tel:(853)28813089   Facsimile:(853)28813093   Address:Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano, Taipa
  • Nossa Senhora do Carmo – Lago Health Centre   Tel:(853)28500400   Facsimile:(853)28500398   Address:Address: Área A, 1.º andar do Edifício do Lago, Estrada Coronel Nicolau de Mesquita da Taipa, Macau
  • Coloane Health Station   Tel:(853)28882176   Facsimile:(853)28882142   Address:Rua de Copdoaria, Edificio Coloane, Lojas A-D, Coloane
  • Seac Pai Van (Coloane) Temporary Health Station   Tel:(853)28502001   Facsimile:(853)28502004   Address:Lote CN4 de Seac Pai Van de Coloane, Edifício Lok Kuan, Bloco 5, r/c, Coloane
  • Tobacco Prevention and Control OfficeTel:(853)28556789   Facsimile:(853)28716385   Address:Avenida da Amizade, N.° 918, “World Trade Center Building”, 15.° andar, Macau

3.  Other methods of making payment:

  • Pode recorrer ao balcão, “canal-e” e serviço “online” da sucursal do Banco da China em Macau, no prazo de 30 dias a contar da data da recepção da acusação, para o efectuar o pagamento da multa.
  • Cheque a enviar pelo correio:O cheque (à ordem dos “Serviços de Saúde”) deve ser enviado conjuntamente com a cópia da acusação para a Caixa Postal 3002-Macau, devendo constar no rosto do sobrescrito a referência “Secção de Tesouraria dos Serviços de Saúde”.
  • Via electrónica:O pagamento da multa pode ser efectuado, com cartão de crédito VISA, MasterCard e China Union Pay (CUP) (cartões aceites pela Union Pay Online Pay), 5 dias úteis após a data da notificação da acusação, através do sistema electrónico de pagamento de multas disponível no portal electrónico dos Serviços de Saúde. (

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