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Educational Placement Assessment

Service Description

Service Content:

Provide comprehensive assessment services for children who are suspected of having special educational needs, including intelligence, learning ability, communication, motor skill, social adaptation as well as emotional and behavioural assessments, etc. so as to provide appropriate educational placement recommendations to ensure that the children obtain the educational opportunity that allows them to develop their potential and that is suitable for their physical and mental development.

The Service Target Group and Application Eligibility:

The service is for students who are enrolling in the formal education, aged between 7 to 21, with body dysfunction, learning difficulties or long-term and persistent emotional and behavioral problems, which lead to significant difficulties in learning; or for the students who are medically certified to have special educational needs. When parents or teachers suspect that their child may have special educational needs or they intend to change the educational placement of their child, the guardian of the child can apply for the services himself / herself or the school can refer the child to the Centre of Pyscho-pedagogical Support and Special Education for follow-up action.

Service Results:

Provide appropriate educational placement recommendations and learning assistance for children.


Executive Department and Unit:Centre of Pyscho-Pedagogical Support and Special Education of the Education and Youth Development Bureau

Address:Rua de Formosa, No. 31, 2nd Floor, Macao

Telephone No.:(853) 84905242

Fax No.:(853) 28355210

Content provider: Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ)

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