Preparing Your Students for TOEIC

Preparing Your Students for TOEIC

活動類型 培訓班
舉辦日期 2019-10-08 ~ 2019-11-14 ,8th October-14th November 2019 (Tue & Thu) 18:30-20:20
舉辦地點 語言推廣中心(地址:澳門美麗街31號3樓)
報名詳情 From now until 2019/09/23
活動對象 English teachers who are interested in this course or prepare to take the TOEIC test
名額 20
費用 Free
主講者 Ms. Ho Chan, Evian
舉辦機構 Centre of Languages, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
製作機構 Centre of Languages, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
語言 English
查詢方式 8490 5318(Ms. Wong Kit U)or 8395 9173(Ms. Chao Sok Teng)
目的 This course will look at what TOEIC test is and what it is used for. The main focus of this course will examine how to plan a course, how to choose appropriate study materials, and how to prepare students to succeed on the test. If you are new to TOEIC teaching, this course aims to answer your questions and respond to your concerns. More experienced teachers will find it useful as a resource of fresh ideas and approaches for providing effective lessons.
附加訊息 1. Principles of Instructed Language Learning 2. Key Concepts in English Language Teaching 3. Current Issues in English Language Teacher-Based Assessment 4. Overview of the TOEIC○R Listening and Reading Test 5. Overview of the TOEIC○R Speaking and Writing Test 6. Examinee Handbooks Explained 7. TOEIC Listening Questions Examined 8. TOEIC Reading Questions Examined 9. Integrated Four-Skills English Language Textbooks Examined 10. Introduction to Online Self-Study Resources 11. Introduction to Teacher’s Guides and Test-Preparation Materials 12. Examining TOEIC Test-Taking Skills 13. Examining TOEIC Linguistic Skills 14. Designing Test-Preparation Activities 15. Designing and Organizing a Study Program


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