Environmental Education and Awareness

Environmental Education and Awareness

活動類型 培訓班
舉辦日期 2019-11-06 ~ 2019-11-16 (Wednesday) 18:30 – 21:30; (Saturday) 10:00 – 13:00
舉辦地點 University of Saint Joseph – N.A.P.E. Campus (Address: Rua de Londres 106, Macau)
報名詳情 From now until 2019/10/29
活動對象 Environmental Education teachers
名額 25
費用 Free
主講者 Dr. Cristina Calheiros, University of Saint Joseph
舉辦機構 Centre of Educational Resources, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
製作機構 Centre of Educational Resources, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
語言 English
查詢方式 83959184 (Mr. Mok Man Hong, Nicholas)
目的 1. Awareness and sensitivity to the environment and its allied problems; 2. Understand the main problems related with solid waste management, water treatment, degraded soil, and energy production and management and assess solutions; 3. Develop interest and motivation in the development of sustainable projects.
附加訊息 Session 1 – Environmental Education considering: awareness, knowledge, attitudes, skills and participation – Eco-schools towards action-based learning Session 2 – Education for sustainable development and climate action – Climate change adaptation and mitigation – Footprint tools Session 3 – Case-studies assessment concerning several environmental issues (e.g., water, waste, ocean literacy)


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