Teacher Management and teacher leadership

Teacher Management and teacher leadership

活動類型 培訓班
舉辦日期 2020-02-27 10:00:00 ~ 13:00:00 (Saturday)10:00-13:00 (The course has assessment tasks)
舉辦地點 City University of Macau (Golden Dragon Centre Campus) (Address:Avenida Xian Xing Hai, Golden Dragon Centre, 4o-5o andar, Macau (Online teaching in class)
報名詳情 From now until 2021/02/22, Mondays to Fridays 10:30 – 19:00
活動對象 English Teachers
名額 20
費用 Free
主講者 Dr.Ng Shun Wing
舉辦機構 Centre of Educational Resources, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
製作機構 Centre of Educational Resources, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
語言 English
查詢方式 8395 9113 (Ms. Kou)
目的 This session aims to introduce to school leaders the vitality of four aspects of teacher management which include (1) attracting quality teachers( getting the right people to become teachers), (2) developing teachers ( nurturing them into effective instructors and educators, (3) empowering teachers (ensuring that the school system is able to facilitate them to deliver the best possible instruction for every child, and (4) retaining teachers (providing them with opportunities for self actualization and career development.
附加訊息 1. understand three waves of education reform and the importance of teacher management in the 21st Century. 2. identify the ways to develop teachers into effective instructors and educators. 3. facilitate teachers to develop teacher leadership skills so as to make an impact in education. 4. identify the most promising approaches to retaining teaching in today’s challenging schools.


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