DSEJ draws up the plan for assessment after class resumption and class promotion/retention

The Education and Youth Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "DSEJ") has communicated with representatives of education groups and school persons-in-charge on the resumption of classes for several times, and has actively studied and drawn the plan for resumption of classes.A consensus for resuming classes in stages has been reached, senior secondary schools will resume classes first. For kindergartens and special education, resumption of classes will be handled in a more flexible manner, or it is not ruled out that classes might not resume this academic year.Schools can implement off-peak school hours in accordance with the actual situation of class resumption. Parents can also decide whether or not to allow their children to go to school. Schools can flexibly handle students’ reasonable absence.

In addition, the DSEJ and various stakeholders in the education sector are very concerned about the assessment of students after resumption of classes and arrangements for promotion/retention. Therefore, relevant plan is prepared. If there is adequate time after the resumption of classes in this academic year,student assessment can be handled flexibly by combining formative assessment with summative assessment. It is recommended to be lenient rather than strict.If classes cannot be resumed or the resuming time is too short, it is not suitable to carry out summative assessment.It is recommended that students do not repeat class.

At the current stage, although there is no specific date for the resumption of classes, the DSEJ will continue to monitor and analyse the development of the epidemic. Based on scientific evidence and referring to the professional opinions of the health departments, the DSEJ will study and plan for relevant matters of class resumption, put safety of students in the first place, make appropriate and decisive measures and announce them to the public in due course.Through specific guidelines, schools are assisted in making related arrangements for resumption of classes, so that students can resume normal study life as soon as possible.

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