Seven candidate lists contain people not qualify for participation in Legislative Assembly direct election

The Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly Election has today given notice to a total of seven teams wishing to contest the direct election, regarding the need either to correct any procedural irregularities, or to suggest substitute people for their candidate lists.

This was due to those teams either being identified as having irregular situations regarding the overall electoral procedures, or the teams having candidate lists with individuals that did not qualify to stand for election, said today the Commission Chairman, Mr Tong HioFong, during a press briefing.

The Commission made the announcement after reviewing – according to relevant legislation – the candidate list of each team intending to take part in the Legislative Assembly Election.

There was a total of 19 candidate lists for the direct election and another five lists for the indirect election, as defined in a general list of candidate teams that was published on Wednesday (7 July).

After analysis by the Commission, there was an aggregate of 23 individuals in candidate lists that were found not to qualify to stand for election. Of the aggregate, one team involved two people who were not registered voters. In relation to a total of 21 people – distributed across six election teams – factual evidence was discovered that either the people had not upheld the Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), or they had not met the requirement of pledging allegiance to the MSAR of the PRC.

Mr Tong said teams with people not qualified to stand for election may, no later than 12 July, address the matter, including by correcting any procedural irregularities or offering substitute names for their candidate list. The Commission would, on or before 14 July, make decisions on the changes offered the concerned teams. Trustees of relevant teams may challenge the decision of the Commission, in addition to having the right to file an appeal to the Court of Final Appeal regarding the matter.

When asked by reporters, Mr Tong shared further information, drawn from the Legislative Assembly Election Law, regarding either the upholding of the Basic Law of the MSAR of the PRC, or the need to pledge allegiance to the MSAR of the PRC. In addition to reviewing signed declarations submitted during the application process for establishment of nomination committees, the Commission would take reference – in line with the Legislative Assembly Election Law – to factual evidence regarding whether the individuals concerned had fulfilled such requirements or not.

When reviewing the candidate list of each team intending to take part in the Legislative Assembly Election, the Commission also referred to information provided by the police and took into consideration a recent judgement made by the Court of Final Appeal, Mr Tong said.

In view of possible subsequent administrative procedures or legal procedures, and the need to protect the privacy of relevant individuals, the Commission was not able to provide at the current stage any further details. Updates would be made in a timely manner, Mr Tong added.

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