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Extension of "Authorization to Stay"

Extension of Authorization to Stay (not exceeding 90 days in aggregate)

How to Apply

Time of application

5 days before the expiry of the “Authorization to Stay”

Application procedures and documents required

  1. Application Approach
    1. The interested person or a legal representative making the application 5 days before the expiry of the “Authorization to Stay”.
    2. The legal representative should submit the following:
      1. A certified letter of authorization;
      2. A copy of his/her valid identification document.
    3. The Residence and Stay Affairs Department can refuse to accept applications which are submitted later than the above limited period or applications which obviously lack a justification.
  2. Documents Must be Presented
    1. Unless otherwise noted, the original should be exhibited for authentication if a copy is submitted;
    2. The copy should be authenticated if the original cannot be exhibited.
  3. Necessary Documents
    1. A completed Application Form for Extension of Authorization to Stay (DARP/DARP M-5); [Note:The application form is available at the respective Subdivision and the website of the Public Security Police Force]
    2. Copy of the interested person’s valid passport/travel document (bio data page and used inside pages only, and the Arrival Card for the latest entry to Macao) or identification document used for stay in Macao;
    3. Document which can confirm the justification for the application (e.g. document of kinship between the interested person and his/her kindred in Macao, medical certificate, Macao identity card of a kindred in Macao, etc.).
  4. Form: Application Form for Extension of Authorization to Stay (DARP/DARP M-5)

Location of Application and Service Hours

Application Location: Immigration Building of the Public Security Police Force, Travessa Um do Cais de Pac On, Taipa, Macao

Stay Subdivision of the Residence and Stay Affairs Department

Office Hours Mon to Thu 9:00 – 17:45
Fri 9:00 – 17:30
Closed on Sat, Sun and government holidays
Tags dispensed until 17:00 (for making applications)
17:15 (collection of result or document supplementation)

Contact Information: Please click here for details

Online Appointment: Online Appointment System of Residence and Stay Affairs Department


Free of charge

Processing Time (excluding time of waiting in a queue and postage time for documents sent by mail)

1 working day <Performance Pledge>
(From the next working day following the day when the service unit received and confirmed that all the required documents had been correctly prepared.)

Remark / Requirements

  1. According to Term 1, Article 66 of Law No. 16/2021, to apply for a visa, Authorization to Enter and Stay, Macao SAR Residence Authorization, Renewal or Extension of Residence Authorization means the interested person consents to have his or her personal information, which includes his or her biodata, treated by the Public Security Police Force.
  2. Penalty for Overstay
    According to Article 58 of Law No. 16/2021 “Legal Regime of Immigration Control, Stay and Residence Authorization of the Macao Special Administrative Region”, non-residents who overstay not because of non-imputable justified reasons will be deported and may be interdicted from entry and prohibited from making applications for Residence Authorization or Special Authorization to Stay for two years starting from the expiry of the entry interdiction period. If a non-resident overstays for not more than 30 days, is not a repeated offender of such infraction and pays the minimum fine (MOP500 per overdue day) upon giving himself or herself to the police or immediately after he or she is discovered, the above stipulation is not applicable. In addition, according to Article 94 of Law No. 16/2021, repetition of the same infraction within 1 year from the date the decision of administrative penalty becomes unappealable and any new administrative infraction committed within 5 years from the previous infraction are considered to be recidivism.
  3. According to Article 30 of Law No. 16/2021 “Legal Regime of Immigration Control, Stay and Residence Authorization of the Macao Special Administrative Region”,
    1. The application for extension of Authorization to Stay will not be approved when the interested person is in any of the conditions stipulated in Term 1, Article 23 of Law No. 16/2021;
    2.  The application for Extension of Authorization to Stay will be refused in the following situations:
      1. The condition of lack of a passport, travel document or other document accepted for the purpose of immigration control specified by the interested person has lasted for more than 60 days;
      2. There is any of the entry refusal reasons as specified in Term 2, Article 23 or Article 24 of Law No. 16/2021.

Application Status Enquiry and Result Collection

Application Status Enquiry: “Inquiry System of Progress of Application for Extension of ‘Authorization to Stay’”

Ways to collect service result:

  1. in person;
  2. Collect by a legal representative;
  3. Self-service kiosks.【Please click here for details】

Distribution Map of Self-service Kiosks

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