Permit for Premises Providing Healthcare Services

Permit for Premises Providing Healthcare Services – New Application

How to Apply

Time of application


Application procedures and documents required

The applicant should submit the following to the Medical Activity Licensing Unit:

  1. A permit application letter to the director of the Health Bureau;
  2. A copy of the applicant’s identity document;
  3. Establishment proposal of the premise (Sample), which indicates the objectives of establishing the premise, professional activities to be developed in the premise, operational resources and action plan;
  4. The Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Commerce and Movable Property Registry (companies registered with the Commerce and Movable Property Registry are exempted from submitting this document) or the certified copy of incorporation or constitution document of the applicant’s organization in recent 3 months or the Articles of Association or a copy of the Macao SAR Official Gazette where the concerned Articles of Association were published;
  5. The Declaration of Acceptance by the designated health professional who is responsible for technical instruction duties in the premise;
  6. The layout plan of facilities in the premise and memorandum of facilities and equipment (Sample);
  7. A sketch of advertisement/sign and the advertisement application form;
  8. A list of health professionals and technicians;
  9. The consultation timetable of physician;
  10. The written inspection report issued by the Real Estate Registry (premises registered with the Real Estate Registry are exempted from submitting this document) or the building utilization permit issued by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau.

Location of Application and Service Hours

Location of application: Medical Activity Licensing Unit, Health Bureau

Address: Alameda Dr. Carlos D’ Assumpção, Nos. 335-341, Edifício Centro Hotline, 6º andar, Macau

Service hours:
Mondays to Thursdays: 9:00am-1:00pm, 2:30pm-5:45pm
Fridays: 9:00am-1:00pm, 2:30pm-5:30pm
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)


MOP 2,200 (stamp duty included).


  1. 50% of the fees for licensing should be paid when submitting the application; and the rest should be paid within 15 days after the interested party has been notified of the approval of the Permit for Premises Providing Healthcare Service.
  2. In case the application is refused or the procedure is terminated, no refund to the applicant will be made.

Application Processing Time

Generally, it takes 65 working days to process the application (depending on the case).

The processing time will be extended accordingly in case of the following conditions:

  1. After review by the Committee, the application documents do not satisfy the prescribed requirements, for which the applicant has to provide supplementary information or amend information, or comment(s) from other authorities is/are necessary;
  2. After field inspection by the Sanitary Authority, if the premise is not fit for examination, the facilities or equipment not in conformity with hygienic requirements, or when re-examination is needed after initial examination;
  3. The establishment of the premise does not comply with local legislations and regulations in relation to construction, fire prevention and safety.

Remarks/Notes for Application

  1. If the applicant is involving in the healthcare industry and has registered in the Health Bureau, documents stated in items 4 and 5 can be exempted.
  2. All documents will be scrutinized by the Technical Committee of Private Medical Activity Licencing;
  3. After being approved by the Technical Committee of Private Medical Activity Licencing, a field inspection in the premise will be carried out by the Sanitary Authority;
  4. If the premise is in conformity with all hygienic requirements, the approval dispatch of relevant permit application will be published in the “Macao SAR Official Gazette” after the Deputy Director of the General Healthcare Sub-board has ordered the dispatch;
  5. Within 15 working days after the day of receiving the approval letter for practice, the applicant should submit to the Medical Activity Licensing Unit a copy of the policy of Professional Civil Liability Mandatory Insurance of Health Service Provider in order to provide proof of compliance with the stipulations prescribed in Article 36 of Law no. 5/2016 – “Legal Regime of Medical Malpractice” and Articles 3 and 4 of Administrative Regulation no. 5/2017 prior to the commencement of business.

Relevant Specifications or Requirements

Links to relevant information:

  1. Guidelines on the Naming of Premises Providing Healthcare Services
  2. Application Guideline for Installation of Medical Diagnostic X-ray Apparatus and List of Equipment with Radioactive Sources or Radiation Apparatus for Medical Use
  3. Requirements and Application Procedures for Magnetic Resonance Diagnosis System for Medical Use
  4. Regulations on sterilization of devices and materials used for invasive medical procedures in small private healthcare premises
  5. Advertising regulations for local medical professionals or entities that provide healthcare services in the private system of Macao
  6. Regulations for the establishment of polyclinics and medical centres
  7. Normative guideline for private health units with operation theatre
  8. Important notes for private health units submitting self-made floor plan

Application Status Enquiry and Result Collection

Status enquiry: Please check the application status via the “Macao Government Service” mobile application (App) or the Macao SARG Portal (The applicant has to apply for an Online Account for Public Service in advance).

Collection of application result: In person.

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