Application for a “School licence”


How to apply?

Application period:

The applying entity should make the application to the Education and Youth Development Bureau at least 6 months prior to the academic year in which the education activities are carried out.

Application procedures and documents required:

Applying entities should take note of the following:

  1. An application for setting up the “institution” should be made to the Education and Youth Development Bureau; applying entities are required to submit the completed application form and the following documents: including the Chinese and Portuguese name of the “institution” and the documents that indicate the types of education activities to be provided in the “institution” as well as the number of students that can be accommodated in the “institution”, etc.
  2. Applying entities should submit the following documents:
    1. If the applying entity is a natural person, he/she needs to submit:
      1. Copy of identification document;
      2. A certificate of criminal record.
    2. If the applying entity is a legal person of non-public law or a religious organisation, the following documents should be submitted:
      1. Copy of documents that prove the registration or establishment of the organisation is in accordance with the laws (Application can be made to the Identification Services Bureau / Legal Affairs Bureau.);
      2. Copy of the organisational charter registered at the MSAR Government and published on the Government Gazette;
      3. Copy of the identification document of the legal representative;
      4. Documents that verify the person is the legal representative, e.g. meeting minutes, the certificate of appointment of the legal representative, etc.;
    3. The scaled floor plan and the address of the venue that is used to operate as a private education “institution”;
    4. The description of the building planning (including certificate of use, property registration report, the guarantee certificate indicates that the fire prevention systems are in good operating condition, the floor plan of the building and its description);
    5. Licence to use the property or document of transfer of the property;
    6. Documents that state the number of teaching staff; their academic background, professional qualification(s), the education mode and level of teaching;
    7. Information about the subjects or courses offered (the outline of curriculum, book lists, timetable, etc.);
    8. Copies of identification documents and teaching qualification certificates of the principal, head of teaching division and head of administration division;
    9. School planning (refer to Section 2 of Chapter 1 of the “Guidelines on Formulating School Planning” in the School Operation Guide of the Education and Youth Development Bureau).

Location and service hours

Education and Youth Development Bureau

Avenida de D. João IV, No. 7-9, 1st Floor, Macao

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday (09:00-13:00,14:30-17:45)

Friday ( 09:00-13:00,14:30-17:30)


Application is free of charge.

Processing time

The processing time varies from case to case.

Relevant specifications or requirements:

Site planning

  1. Site selection
    1. The “institution” should be located in a suitable place; the place should be large enough to provide students with sufficient indoor teaching space and spacious outdoor venues for activities.
    2. When selecting a site for a secondary school, there must be a separate outdoor basketball court with standard size (24 x 13 m).
    3. The school premises must be an individual building (i.e. schools cannot be located in a podium building) and comply with building use policies.
  2. The description for building planning (the content should include:)
    1. The floor plan: including a site location map at 1:1,000 scale, a plan at 1:100 scale (horizontal section), section (vertical section) and elevation; the layout of such equipment as artificial lighting, exhaust ventilation system, air conditioning, desks, chairs and blackboard, etc. should be shown on the floor plan.
    2. The description for building planning: including the use of the venue, location, facilities layout, number of users or content of construction work (if there is any), etc.
  3. Others:

Regarding school construction, facilities and safety, please refer to Section 7 of Chapter 3 of “School Construction, Facilities and Safety” in the School Operation Guide of the Education and Development Bureau.

Inquiry about progress of application and obtaining the service results

Inquiry about progress of application:

The application progress can be checked through the MSAR Government Mobile Apps or the MSAR Government Portal at: (Applicants need to create a login account first.)

Way of receiving the results:

Collect in person

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