Application for a “School licence”

Application for a “school licence”

How to apply

Application period:

No restriction.

Application procedures and documents required:

In accordance with the provision of Article 5 of Law No.15/2020 – “Statute of Private Schools of Non-tertiary Education” (hereinafter referred to as the “Statute”), the applicant entity must apply in written form to the Education and Youth Development Bureau for establishing a school, and submit the completed application form together with the following documents:

  1. If the applicant is a natural person, he/she must submit copies of identity document and certificate of criminal record;
  2. If the applicant is a legal person of non-public law, he/she must also submit copies of documents that prove the registration or establishment of the organisation is in accordance with the MSAR’s laws, copies of the identity document and certificate of criminal record of the legal representative, proof of identity as the legal representative;
  3. Document containing the Chinese or Portuguese name of the school;
  4. The school charter;
  5. The constitution of school board and the list of members;
  6. The school’s establishment and development planning (please refer to Article 6 of the “Statute” or “Guidelines on Formulating School Planning” in the School Operation Guide of the Education and Youth Development Bureau);
  7. Curriculum documents;
  8. Proof of having the right to use the school facilities;
  9. A license to use the property where the school facilities exist;
  10. A list of school assets and documentary proof of the assets;
  11. Other necessary documents or information that help the DSEDJ properly approve the application.

Relevant specifications or requirements:

  1. School facilities and equipment must comply with the provisions of the current laws on engineering, hygiene and safety, and meet the requirements for the type and level of education to be provided. Please refer to the School Operation Guide “School Construction, Facilities and Safety” of the Education and Youth Development Bureau for more details.
  2. The planning of school facilities (description for the building), architectural drawing (a 1:100 scale floor plan), area, number of students that can be accommodated, and the number of classes should be provided.

Matters of attention:

  1. The name of the school must be distinguishable which may not cause confusion with other school names;
  2. The right to use the school facilities should last two more years than the whole period of the education level that is being applied;
  3. The applicant entity must invest funds needed for the first year operation of the school;
  4. After the license is issued, the school can start operating and enrolling students in the name of the school;
  5. Any change to the approved school name, location of the school, school system, nature of operation, the type and the level of education offered, as well as the type of curriculum, must be re-approved by the Education and Youth Development Bureau.

Location and service hours:

Education and Youth Development Bureau

Address: Avenida de D. João IV, No. 7-9, 1st Floor, Macao

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday (09:00-13:00,14:30-17:45)

Friday ( 09:00-13:00,14:30-17:30)


Application is free of charge.

Processing time:

After the review of documents and on-site review, if it is proved that the application meets the requirements for running a school, the director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau will issue a license for the school. (For the details about the review of documents and on-site review, please refer to Article 8 and 9 of the “Statute”.)

Inquiry about progress of application and obtaining the service results:

Inquiry about progress of application:

The application progress can be checked through the MSAR Government Mobile Apps or the MSAR Government Portal at: (Applicants need to create a login account first.)

Way of receiving the results:

Collect in person

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