Using Movies in a Fun ESL Classroom

Using Movies in a Fun ESL Classroom

活動類型 培訓班
舉辦日期 2021-01-23 15:30:00 ~ 17:30:00 (Saturday) 15:30-17:30
舉辦地點 澳門教師專業發展培訓中心 (地址:水坑尾街78號中建商業大廈1樓)
報名詳情 From now until 2021/01/13
活動對象 Secondary English Teachers
名額 45
費用 Free
主講者 鍾麗娟老師(詳見章程)
舉辦機構 教育暨青年局 教育資源中心
製作機構 教育暨青年局 教育資源中心
語言 English
查詢方式 8395 9141 (Ms. Lai)
目的 Movies are more than a mere source of entertainment and with the use of well selected strategies, movies can contribute to very desirable teaching and learning effects. In this seminar, participants will be introduced to ways in which teachers can use films as a teaching aid in the English classroom to enhance students’ language skills and analytical thinking skills.
附加訊息 The first session will be mainly focused on the planning of listening and speaking activities including vocabulary and grammar games as well as role plays and discussions. In the second session, participants will experience the use of teaching strategies to develop students’ analytical thinking skills. This session will include movie comprehension and movie-based writing and will end with guidance on the design of a writing assignment in the form of a film review.


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