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Travel around Macao to enjoy contemporary dance

Let your body travel around Macao and discover contemporary art around you. Breaking away from conventional concepts, using no spectacular stage, lighting and sets, this production will present you the essence of dance and the possibilities of body. Set aside your perception of contemporary art, re-experience Macao and appreciate a different style of contemporary dance.

Dance pieces will be performed by renowned dancers including Taishin Arts Award nominee Lin Ting-Syu; cyr wheel artist Yang Shih Hao; contemporary dance duo Ghost Group; choreographer and performer of Yang Liping Modern Dance Company, Yang Bixi; freelance dancer Su Zhihao; and rising choreographer Lau Pui Lon.

Date Time Venue Dance Pieces
11:00 Largo de S. Domingos Su Zhihao, The X Time
Yang Bixi, Meet
15:00 Largo do Pagode do Bazar Yang Bixi, Meet
Lao Pui Lon, It seems to be better
11:00 Mount Fortress Garden Lao Pui Lon, It seems to be better
Su Zhihao, The X Time
15:00 Ponte 9, Rooftop Su Zhihao, The X Time
Yang Bixi, Meet
Lao Pui Lon, It seems to be better

The following dance pieces will be screened 30 minutes before the live performances:
-Ghost Group, Two-gather
-Yang Shih Hao, Deconstructing the Physical Discourse of Circus Performers - No.1: In Cooperation with Choreographers
-Lin Ting-syu Studio, The Body that Does Not Exist

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Audience will receive one "On Site Footprint" sticker per session, please refer to the "On Site Footprint" webpagefor details.

Curator and Chief Producer: Tracy Wong
Artistic Director and Programme Coordinator: Mao Wei
Producer and Programme Coordinator: Sarah Sun
Technical Coordinator: Horis Chao
Technical Executive: Chow Man Wai
Assistant to Producer and General Affairs Personnel: Ku Man Ian
Choreographers: Su Zhihao, Ghost Group (Hyeayoon Kim and Jinyook Ryu), Yang Shih Hao, Yang Bixi, Lin Ting-syu Studio (Lin Ting-Syu and Chen Hsin-Yu) and Lao Pui Lon
Dancers: Su Zhihao, Ghost Group(Hyeayoon Kim and Jinyook Ryu), Yang Shih Hao, Chang Ko-Yang, Yang Bixi, Chao Yi-Ying, Wen Yun-Chu and O Hio San

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