New principal officials committed to serve Macao

Appointed principal officials and the Public Prosecutor-General-designate have pledged to devote their utmost effort to realise the fifth-term Government’s vision of “Unity and Efforts, Change and Innovation”.

Speaking to reporters today at Government Headquarters about the policy vision for their respective portfolios, all appointed officials said they would continue to garner public opinion and respond in a timely manner to Macao people’s needs.

The team for the fifth-term Government comprises: Mr Cheong Weng Chon as the Secretary for Administration and Justice; Mr Lei Wai Nong as the Secretary for Economy and Finance; Mr Wong Sio Chak as the Secretary for Security; Ms Ao Ieong Iu as the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture; Mr Raimundo do Rosário as the Secretary for Transport and Public Works; Mr Chan Tsz King as the Commissioner Against Corruption; Mr Ho Veng On as the Commissioner of Audit; Mr Leong Man Cheong as the Commissioner General of the Unitary Police Service; Mr Vong Man Chong as the Director-General of the Macao Customs Service; and Mr Ip Son Sang as the Public Prosecutor-General.

During the press conference, the appointed principal officials expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Central Government for their respective appointments. They also thanked the fifth-term Chief Executive, Mr Ho Iat Seng, for the trust showed in them.

Mr Cheong Weng Chon said he would make his best effort to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of his new post in the Macao Special Administrative (SAR) Government. The Secretary for Administration and Justice-designate said he was confident in his ability to push ahead with administrative reform, which was at forefront of the Chief Executive-designate’s policy vision.

Mr Lei Wai Nong said he would, as always, make an all-out effort to serve the Macao community, and – with the support from his team – strive to achieve the goals set by the fifth-term Government. The Secretary for Economy and Finance-designate said he would dedicate further effort to: promoting the sustainable development of the city’s economy; advancing economic diversification; and enhancing Macao’s overall competiveness by making better use of the city’s strategic position as a “Centre and Platform”, and by strengthening Macao’s roles in the “Belt and Road” initiative and in the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Mr Wong Sio Chak, who was appointed for a new term as Secretary for Security, said Macao’s security authorities would be adopting a pioneering approach in decision-making over the next five years. The security authorities would additionally pay greater attention to promote closer police-public relations. On the basis of safeguarding the security of the country and of Macao, the city’s security authorities would make further effort to protect the safety of the public, and to build a more comprehensive and sound mechanism regarding disaster mitigation and prevention.

Ms Ao Ieong U said her appointment as Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture meant she would have to bear the great responsibility that comes with the job, adding that her new role would be the most challenging mission in her 25-year career in public administration. She said she would strive for the Government to provide a more comprehensive social and healthcare system to the public; and to nurture more young people who are devoted to family and the country. She also pledged to listen proactively to different views from society – and to communicate with community members in a practical, honest and open manner – in order to create jointly a brighter future for Macao.

Mr Raimundo do Rosário, the incumbent Secretary for Transport and Public Works, said he hoped he could do more for Macao during his second term in office. He said his five years of experience as Secretary and the understanding of projects he had gained during that period, would be useful in his second term as Secretary for Transport and Public Works. He mentioned also that some challenges remained, such as a lack of enough staff in transport and public works departments, considering the great number of large-scale projects in his portfolio.

Mr Ip Son Sang said he felt a great responsibility as he continued to serve as the Public Prosecutor-General, given that the Public Prosecutions Office exercises prosecution powers, upholds the rule of law, defends the legitimate rights and interests of the Macao SAR and represents the Macao SAR in court. The rule of law was the cornerstone of Macao’s development, he stated. The Public Prosecutions Office would continue to perform its statutory duties in order to protect Macao’s judiciary in accordance with the “One country, two systems” principle, and to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, its security and development interests, as well as to protect the public interests of Macao and the legitimate interests of the general public.

Mr Chan Tsz King said he would use his expertise and years of experience working in the judiciary in his new role as the Commissioner Against Corruption. He pledged to tackle administrative irregularities and to contribute to increase further the integrity of civil servants, in order to build a more transparent Government and public administration.

Mr Ho Veng On, who has been appointed for another term as the Commissioner of Audit, said it was a privilege to continue to serve in the Government. He pledged to work hard for the Commission of Audit to give full play to its functions in order to promote principles underpinning ethics and probity in the Macao SAR Government.

Mr Leong Man Cheong said that he was truly honoured to be appointed as Commissioner General of the Unitary Police Service. He said he was currently focused on safeguarding the security of the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the Macao SAR. In the future, Mr Leong said he would step up efforts to promote closer police-public relations; and to provide better services to residents and tourists, with a view to build Macao as one of the safest cities in the world.

Mr Vong Man Chong said he would lead the Customs Service team in promoting the implementation of the targets set by the fifth-term Government for this area. The Director-General of the Macao Customs Service-designate said he would make every effort to contribute to the economic development of Macao, its security and stability.

The fifth-term Government will be inaugurated on 20 December 2019.

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