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Criminal Record

Certificate of Criminal Record – postal application

How to Apply

Application Procedures and Documents Required

Applicants who are outside Macao can lodge the application by post.

Application Procedures:

  1.  Access the “Postal Application Service” system of the Identification Services Bureau (DSI) to obtain an application number and print out an application slip;
  2.  Mail “Part 2” of the application slip and the required documents to DSI. (Mailing address: Macau Postal Box No. 1089/ Avenida da Praia No. 804, Edificio China Plaza, 20 andar, Macau);
  3.  After receiving the required documents, DSI will update the application progress in the “Postal Application Service” system. Applicants should check their application status in the system from time to time;
  4.  When the application status changes to “Please pay for the application”, applicants can pay the fee to complete their application.

Required documents:

  1. A duly completed application form or an application letter in which applicants should state clearly their name, parents’ name, date and place of birth, usage of the certificate (Please refer to the list of usages), contact information and type of application (normal or urgent application). In the letter, the applicant should sign and impress a right index fingerprint next to their signature;
  2. For non-Macao SAR Resident Identity Card(BIR) holders: a complete set of original fingerprint impressions captured by the local competent authority (e.g. public security police force or law enforcement authority) of the place where the applicant is residing. The fingerprint form should bear the name of the competent authority and its official stamp (Form for fingerprint – Boletim Dactiloscópico destinado ao pedido do certificado de registo criminal);
  3.  Proof of residence in Macao or proof of application for residing in Macao, such as identification documents issued in Macao, proof issued by a school in Macao, a notification letter in regard to Residence Authorization application issued by the Public Security Police Force, a document issued by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute to request the applicant to submit the Certificate of Criminal Record and so on;
  4. Photocopy of applicant’s Macao SAR Resident Identity Card(BIR); for non-BIR holder: authentication of applicant’s valid travel document;
  5.  If the applicant does not hold a Macao SAR Resident Identity Card and needs to state his/her parents’ name on the certificate, he/she should submit a photocopy of the relevant supporting documents, such as birth certificate. Such document is not required if the applicant has submitted it to DSI before.

Fees and Payment Methods

Fees: Application fee + Postage (DSI will inform the applicant of the total amount in the “Postal Application Service” system of DSI)

  1.  Application fee:
    Normal application: MOP50.00
    Urgent application: MOP150.00
  2.  Postage: the amount may vary depending on the destinations and weight of the documents.

Payment Methods:

  1.  Pay online: pay by credit card in the “Postal Application Service” system.
  2.  Pay by an authorized person: an applicant can authorize a person in Macao to pay the fee at DSI in person on his/her behalf by stating it clearly in the application letter.


  1. Payment for overseas postal application can only be made by the above-mentioned methods.
  2.  In case of having made a payment to the Macao Special Administrative Region Government mistakenly due to system failure or other special conditions, the person concerned should contact DSI immediately. DSI will return the relevant amount to the person concerned.
  3.  If the applicant wants to cancel the application and have the refund of the application fee after completing the transaction online, he/she has to make a written request to DSI for the refund.

Processing Time

  • Normal application: 5 working days (Performance Pledge)
  • Urgent application: 2 working days (Performance Pledge)

Notes: Counting from the following day after DSI received all necessary documents, not including the processing time of postal.

Remarks/ Notes for Application

  1.  The Criminal Record Certificate is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Service Location and Office Hours

Identification Services Bureau

  • Headquarter
    Address: Avenida da Praia Grande, nº804, Edificio “China Plaza”, 1º andar, Macau
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)
  • Macao Government Services Centre
    Address: Rua Nova da Areia Preta n.º 52, Macau
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)
  • Macao Government Services Centre in Islands
    Address: Rua de Coimbra, n.º 225, 3.º andar, Taipa
    Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays)

Progress Enquiry and Service Results Collection

Progress enquiry: “Postal Application Service” system

Collection Methods of service results:

  1.  Post by DSI
  2.  In person (This request should be raised up at the time of application)
  3.  By authorized person (This request should be raised up at the time of application):
  • A declaration authoring a person in Macao to collect the certificate at DSI in person on his/her behalf.
  • The authorized representative should present his/her original valid identification document and the photocopy of applicant’s identification document for verification when collecting the certificate.

Content provider: Identification Services Bureau (DSI)

Last modified: 2020-09-29 16:31

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