A series of celebration activities at IFTM

The mooncake workshop

To celebrate the 71st Anniversary of the Founding of the People’ s Republic of China, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 25th Anniversary of IFTM, as well as to promote the students and staff to participate in the 3 celebrating activities, IFTM held a series of events from late September to early October.

The first activity was the "Lantern riddles for rejoicing the 3 celebrations". The content of lantern riddles covered topics about the National Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival and IFTM. There was an overwhelming response from the students. The mooncake workshops this year covered traditional mooncake and snow skin mooncake making. Students produced delicious mooncakes which they shared with families and friends during the festival.

Macao and non-local students joined forces to produce festival music videos through which the campus was filled with festive atmosphere. This simultaneously prompts students to relax a bit to enjoy the campus life amid their busy study schedule which is a way to balance life and study.

In the morning of October 1, the Registrar Louisa Lam Pou Iok, the General Manager of Educational Hotel Helena Lo Ka In and the Acting Functional Head of Public Relations Team Sherry Lei Soi Cheng joined the students in the hostel to watch and participate in the National Flag Raising Ceremony.

Mainland students expressed that the series of celebration activities covered the campus with festive feeling and the institute is full of vitality. The mooncake workshops made the students feel warm while they are away from home. The students who participated in the National Flag Raising Ceremony were deeply impressed by the solemnity of the event. Some commented that the lantern riddle activity enabled them to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture. The series of celebration activities not only promoted a festive atmosphere, but also enhanced student's understanding and knowledge of the Chinese culture which could strengthen their sense of belonging to the country and to the home, nurturing "Loving China Loving Macao" generation.

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